$239K to Water for Life projects

The New Zealand Government has donated $239,000 for rural water and sanitation projects in Bua,
Lomaiviti, Vatulele, Matuku Island and Yasawa.

With assistance from Rotary Pacific Water for Life Foundation, the grant will provide safe drinking water
access to at least 380 households.

Foundation Manager, Monifa Fiu, said the New Zealand Aid Program targeted maritime islands and Bua

“This is to provide 22 communities in Fiji – eight villages, nine settlements and five primary schools – with
practical water solutions, both for improved access to potable water and improved sanitation”, she said.

“We have also covered areas in Lomaiviti, the islands of Makogai, Nairai and Rukuruku Village in Ovalau.”
The Water for Life projects range from rainwater harvesting, spring box development, and gravity-fed
catchment systems, to drilling boreholes and tapping limited water reserves.

“Rotary Pacific Water’s goal of providing safer drinking water supply to rural households and schools is to
transform women and children’s lives with improved basic sanitation and hygiene.

“This is why we build these communities’ resilience to the shock of extreme climate and disaster.”
Projects Officer, Ravikash Reddy, described the projects as timely for communities in Bua. He said they were
concerned about the water contamination from nearby toilets, particularly in Sasake settlement.

“The pit toilets were located metres away from the wells making the water unsafe for drinking” he said.

The four projects sites completed this week consist of Navere village, Cobue Sanatan Dharam Primary
School, Sasake and Wailele settlements.

Ms Fiu added that Rotary Pacific Water works closely with the National Water and Sewerage Department
and the Ministry of Health to mobilise community efforts in managing their built water and sanitation
infrastructure, usually lacking in remote settled areas.

“Our working relationship with out counterparts continues to grow with respect to each other’s objectives and
targets and we are grateful to our donors who generously support us.”

“Rotary Pacific Water not only connects communities with water but acts on transforming people’s lives
through water for livelihoods, water for development, water for dignity and water for sanitation and hygiene.”