A Day Without Water

Most of us take water, and the work involved to bring it to our homes, for granted. We turn on the tap, and safe drinking water reliably flows out. We flush the toilet, and don’t have to think twice about how much wastewater we use.

But could you imagine a day without water?

A day without water would mean no water to flush your toilet or brush your teeth. It would mean farmers couldn’t water their crops and doctors couldn’t wash their hands before treating patients.

A day without water is nothing short of a crisis.

While unimaginable for most of us, there are communities in Fiji that struggle with water supply everyday. In some rural areas, access to safe drinking water is limited and water shortages can pose a real threat to daily life.

The water crisis in rural communities has dominated local news coverage in recent years. Climate-driven water scarcity in the Western and Northern divisions of Fiji has dried up ground water sources, causing rural households to relocate or rely on water carting.

Different regions face different water challenges, so the solutions to strengthening rural drinking water systems must be locally driven.

Call to action

The good news is while the water infrastructure challenges are great, our capacity for innovation is greater.

Rotary Pacific Water for Life Foundation is working with rural communities to build the essential systems that bring water to homes and schools. Our Water for Life projects span across the two larger islands and maritime zone of the Fijian archipelago.

We’re designing and teaching local hands how to build robust and energy efficient systems that will sustain communities for generations to come. Solutions range from building rainwater harvesting systems to developing spring and groundwater resources.

Innovation and partnerships is what drives our Water for Life projects. Our public and private partnerships play a crucial role in tackling these rural water challenges.

Water is too essential to ignore. We urge you to support our rural Water for Life projects so that no community in Fiji has to imagine living a day without water.