End to long wait for water supply

Water woes are expected to be a distant memory for several schools and villages in Ra.

Along with Waimari Primary School in Rakiraki, villagers of Nakorovou and Navatu officially received new water supply systems from the Japanese Government yesterday.

These were installed by the Rotary Pacific Water for Life Foundation, which had requested funding in June, 2013.

The settlements of Nukulevu and Naqaqa are also due to officially receive their own supply systems today.

“The people of the five communities are now benefiting not only from the consistent, reliable water supply for their daily consumption, but also from improved sanitation brought about by regular access to clean water,” the Japanese Embassy outlined in a statement.

The communities faced varying challenges with access to water and these provisions were part of a
$110,000 project under Japan’s Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects.

Waimari Primary School needed a new borehole and pipelines, Nakorovou village needed its dam relocated and its pipes repaired and Naqaqa settlement needed a spring box, water tanks and a solar pump.

Additionally, Nukulevu settlement required a dam, water tank and proper piping while Navatu settlement also needed a borehole, pipelines and water tank.

Source: The Fiji Times