Imagine a Day Without Water theme for Fiji Day

As Fiji commemorated its 47th year of independence, children in the Waisa settlement in Naitasiri imagined possible scenarios in the form of drawings on what it would be like for people, plants, animals and their surroundings if there is no water for a day.

This was part of Rotary Pacific Water for Life Foundation activities under the yearly marked US Water Alliance Imagine A Day Without Water programme. Children turned up in numbers to participate.

For the children of Waisa, fetching water is a common task everyday after school. They know that water scarcity is part of their everyday life.The activity gave them a lesson on water conservation and water security.

Rotary Pacific Water acknowledges the contribution made by the people in the Waisa community and Sunlight Investments in Vunidawa for donating the prizes for the artwork.

Children in the Waisa settlement with their drawings – Imagine a Day Without Water theme for Fiji Day