Improving water security with solar power

Yes, even in Fiji where annual rainfall can reach up to 6000mm per year, communities exist without access to clean drinking water. This was a reality for families living in Cobue, Wailele and Sasake settlements. Until now, they were relying on shallow wells to meet their water demands.

Through droughts of recent years, these settlers saw the yield of their wells drop, and had no other option but to ration their water consumption. In 2014, representatives from the three communities approached Rotary Pacific Water for Life with requests to develop a permanent solution to their water problems.

In 2015, under the framework of an ongoing partnership with Rotary New Zealand Community Services, the works commenced. The projects consisted of:

• field surveys and system engineering
• drilling and equipping the boreholes
• construction of the distribution system
• awareness on water, sanitation, hygiene
• operation and maintenance training