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The hope of getting access to safe drinking water for the people of Lau settlement in the province of Rakiraki has been made possible by the Rotary Pacific Water for Life Foundation. With generous donations from platinum sponsor VaiWai®, the Church of the Later Day Saints and MFAT, two sanitation units and a safe drinking water system
In the face of extreme weather events, such as droughts, floods, and cyclones, water-borne diseases are of particular concern in Fiji. Poor hygiene practices and lack of improved water and sanitation infrastructure in rural areas are all factors that lead to increased diarrheal illness. Handwashing with soap is the most effective and inexpensive way to prevent
More than 120 residents from two rural communities in Ba Province celebrated access to safe drinking water on Thursday, in a ribbon-cutting ceremony that completed a 3 month-effort to plan, design and build sustainable rural water infrastructure. FIJI Water Foundation partnered with Rotary Pacific Water for Life Foundation (RPW) to provide filtered drinking water systems
As Rotary Pacific Water for Life Foundation celebrates its 9th birthday, we reflect on the successes and challenges that have shaped the foundation into what it is today.Founded on 11th of October, 2007 by three members of the Rotary Suva East club, the foundation aimed to provide direct assistance to rural communities in need of safe
Pleass Global Limited, through its premium brand VaiWai®, has provided a very significant and its largest ever corporate sponsorship to Rotary Pacific Water for Life Foundation (RPW). The platinum corporate sponsorship of $100,000FJD over the next three years will enable RPW to extend its reach to at least 10 communities in Viti Levu. The announcement was
Most of us take water, and the work involved to bring it to our homes, for granted. We turn on the tap, and safe drinking water reliably flows out. We flush the toilet, and don’t have to think twice about how much wastewater we use. But could you imagine a day without water? A day without
This article captures the field lessons of Rotary Pacific Water as water and sanitation development projects are executed in rural Fijian communities. Community ownership in this context implies; the possession and exclusive right to tangible assets such as water sources and infrastructure; the kind of ownership that allows a community to influence its operation and
Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH) is an important component of women’s health security. This documentary is part of an ongoing campaign by Rotary Pacific Water for Life Foundation, to ensure that rural communities in Fiji understand and practice safe WaSH and include women in the planning and management of water projects. Our partnership with FemLINK
Imagine a Day Without Water! This was the title of the photo exhibition by the Rotary Pacific Water for Life Foundation. The exhibition was on display at the Na Koro Market at the Fiji Museum in Suva yesterday. Foundation communications officer Julie Morris said the photo exhibition was their bid in raising public awareness about