VaiWai champions Water for Life

Pleass Global Limited, through its premium brand VaiWai®, has provided a very significant and its largest ever corporate sponsorship to Rotary Pacific Water for Life Foundation (RPW).

The platinum corporate sponsorship of $100,000FJD over the next three years will enable RPW to extend its reach to at least 10 communities in Viti Levu.

The announcement was made at a corporate cocktail hosted by RPW at USP Oceania Centre on Thursday 29th September.

A significant bottled water company based in Fiji, Pleass Global sees this generous contribution as meeting its obligations as a contemporary international company.


CEO of Pleass Global Limited and founding Director of RPW, Warwick Pleass said the commitment will ensure that many communities across Fiji will have access to running water, sanitation and a greatly enhanced lifestyle.

“Water changes lives and assists with breaking the poverty cycle and Pleass Global Limited has a corporate objective to bring water to Fijian communities that have no access to clean water and sanitation,” said Mr Pleass.

This is in line with RPW’s vision of enabling rural communities with better access to safe drinking water supply and sanitation.

RPW Manager Monifa Fiu said the foundation has a rigorous process of identifying which communities to assist.

“In the last two years, we have received at least one hundred applications and try to prioritise the most needy rural schools and communities,” said Ms Fiu.

“The economic potential and development goals of these communities can be realised with better access to clean water and safe sanitation.”

Rotary Pacific Water welcomes assistance from corporate partners, either through funding or donations in kind with goods and services.