This water for life project was funded by the New Zealand Government via Rotary New Zealand Word Community Services Ltd

VaiWai® Funds The Dubalevu Project

The vegetable farming settlement of Dubalevu along the Sigatoka Valley Road had no functioning water system in place and have relied on rainwater, carted water as well as irrigation water for drinking. According to the community members, there have been several cases of Typhoid since 2016.

A borehole was drilled in 2010 by the Mineral Resources Department for this settlement. The drinking water system, however, was never constructed. Thanks to funding from our Platinum Sponsor VaiWai®, Rotary Pacific Water for Life Foundation (RPW) managed to equip the borehole and construct a new water drinking water system for over a hundred people.

To achieve this, a major challenge had to be overcome. The borehole in particular had been drilled in the flood zone of the Sigatoka river where flood levels of several meters high are not unusual. Pumping dirty floodwater in a distribution system during floods is a guaranteed way of contaminating the water supply and spreading waterborne diseases. RPW, therefore, had to find a way to flood proof the borehole.

Also, the closest house above the flood zone was located 350m away from the well. That posed an additional electrical problem. RPW managed to solve both problems through consultation with local and overseas partners and suppliers. The community now has an ingenious flood proof well that can be operated with a motor starter located 350m away from the well.

With RPW’s objective to “providing access to safe drinking water to rural communities,’’ the people of Dubalevu now have access to safe water that complies with the Fijian National Drinking Water Standards. This project definitely contributes to the overall improved living conditions and health of the Dubalevu community.