Wai district school – we found water

The project we initiated in Wai district school is going very well. The drilling company in charge of the borehole there informed us early June that they had found water.

This project will provide water to about 130 persons in Wai district school. Students, boarding students, staff, etc. The school has been facing short supply of water for years as they didnt get enough from the main water line going to the village. Kids had to carry water in buckets every morning from a water tank to the toilets for daily usage. Staff houses had water from time to time when pressure was enough. And the kitchen also faced problems of water.

With this new project, the school will have its own source of water, independent from the one supplying the village and should not face any shortage. The school committee will look after the water project on the longer term and given their strong commitment from the beginning of the project, we are confident that they will maintain the water system well.

This project is funded via a matching grant received from the Darwin (Australia) Rotary Club and the Rotary Club of Suva-East (Fiji). We thank them for their support!!!

PS: we also got a small grant from a school in the US to help improve the state of the kids dormitories…