Rotary Pacific Water for Life Foundation

We have delivered positive impacts to more than 265 rural villages, settlements, and schools in Fiji.

Who We Are


Without piped water to households, the ability to meet basic needs for drinking, cooking, hand washing, bathing and laundry is limited. This carries a serious health risk.


We invest in rural water infrastructure that improves water supply to communities and advances their sanitation and hygiene (WASH) standards through awareness, capacity building and sustainable water resources management


When we no longer have to worry about clean water, we can focus on our goals for education, health and the future of our communities.


Our Approach

A Message From Us

Clean water is a cornerstone of health and development. Rotary Pacific Water and our partners strive to bring clean water to the rural populations in Fiji.

As project implementers, we know too well the limitations of a small organisation tackling  large development issues. The demand for assistance exceeds our capacity and resources to respond to communities in need.

Despite this, our work brings positive change to people living in rural areas. This is accomplished through public health awareness, infrastructure solutions and skills training to empower community water committees and ensure that their rural water supply needs are sustained.

It matters when a rural household receives piped clean water and the family no longer have to take water from contaminated sources.


— Our Mission

To provide rural water infrastructure solutions and foster community ownership


— Our Vision

To enable rural communities to have better access to safe drinking water and sanitation


— Our Goal

To achieve better access to rural water and sanitation wellbeing