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Rotary Pacific Water first assessed the leakage situation, increased storage volume and installed a new pump that now distributes water to a raised storage tank

A request for storage tanks was sent in 2014 by the Ba rural health office. A field assessment highlighted the need for water quality solutions as heavy rainfall was bringing muddy contaminated water.

The school was experiencing water shortages due to leakages and a lack of storage capacity.

A spring gravity water system safely transports water from a protected catchment area through underground pipes to the community’s storage tanks. In addition, a biosand filtration system improves the water quality.

The purpose of these projects were to upgrade the existing catchment, protect the water sources and boost storage capacity.

Developing a ground water system that is comprised of a new borehole equipped with a solar pump and a 10,000L storage tank.

The Chevalier Training Center is a vocational institute for the underprivileged youth of Fiji.

In the past, families would pump water from wells using small surface pumps whilst others fetched water with buckets. Some men like Deo carted water long distances using bullocks.

The Marketing Director of VaiWai Cate Pleass commissioned Dreketi Surface Water Project in Cakaudrove Province.