Safe water for everyone

Engineering water solutions for safer drinking needs of Fiji’s rural communities

This is accomplished through public health awareness, infrastructure solutions and skill training to ensure that their rural water supply needs are sustained.

How We Work

To imagine a day without water. This is a reality for many Fijians living in rural areas. Rotary Pacific Water for Life Foundation strives to connect these rural communities with safer drinking water and adequate sanitation.

What We Do


— Technical Assessment

This begins with a technical assessment of the site in consultation with custodians of the water source.


— Water Committee

An organised water committee, including women and youth representatives, oversees the management of water resources and wellbeing of the community.


— Project Design

Our experienced team engineer solutions which are reviewed by an expert technical committee.


— Construction

Able members of the community build their water scheme with guidance from our Projects team.


— Wash Outreach

Cultivating healthy water, sanitation and hygiene practice in the community is a key component of our projects.


— Maintenance Training

Operations and maintenance training promotes dialogue, inclusive participation and active learning about tailored water conservation strategies.

Since 2007

Our niche role in engineering water and sanitation solutions for rural communities has delivered positive impacts to more than 265 villages, settlements and schools in Fiji.








Per Project


Per Person

some of our Projects

Fulori collects ground water from an unprotected well outside her home. Villagers use the water collected for bathing and washing but it is not adequate for drinking.

Vatulele District School

Rotary Pacific Water first assessed the leakage situation, increased storage volume and installed a new pump that now distributes water to a raised storage tank

Jolami uses a tap connected to a 5000L storage tank and two sets of biosand filtration systems. Members of his community built the facility using materials from the Nalotawa riverbed.

Rara Village, Ba

A request for storage tanks was sent in 2014 by the Ba rural health office. A field assessment highlighted the need for water quality solutions as heavy rainfall was bringing muddy contaminated water.

RukuRuku Settlement, Ovalau

The school was experiencing water shortages due to leakages and a lack of storage capacity.

Four generations of family live in Cirisobu settlement which has a population of 56 people, including 22 children.

Cirisobu Settlement, Ba

A spring gravity water system safely transports water from a protected catchment area through underground pipes to the community’s storage tanks. In addition, a biosand filtration system improves the water quality.

Jane’s Been A Migrant Worker Since She Was Just 12

Engineering water solutions for safer drinking needs of Fiji’s rural communities

A Brighter Future — For Fiji's Children

Engineering water solutions for safer drinking needs of Fiji’s rural communities

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